About Us

Seres Libres is a government-certified non-profit animal rescue foundation (established in April 2020). The foundation rescues animals from situations of extreme abuse, mistreatment and abandonment. We educate the public about proper care for animals, work with the government to enact change and apply the law where executive functions fail. We rehome canines/felines through adoption channels and operate a sanctuary where rescued animals (mostly equines) can live a protected, well-fed life under the 24/7 care of a veterinarian, an equine therapist and other staff members. You can learn more about our daily work through our social media channels Instagram and Facebook.

Our Family

Our donors, supporters and followers are the backbone of our operation. Without them - our family - we couldn’t rescue animals in need and provide them with shelter. These animals have suffered for the majority of their life and now deserve love and have all their needs covered in a secure facility. We are a community, we are a family - a family that can’t shut their eyes to animal mistreatment and choses to help in many different ways. All of them coming from the heart; sometimes connecting us to the right people, help pay veterinary bills, donating food or other items we urgently need, whether its giving your extra christmas salary or your last peso, or even a like, comment or a reshare. This is what makes us believe in humanity and our cause, knowing that there are others out there that care and help. Thanks to you these animals are alive and we can continue saving more lives, knowing that we have our family by our side. Become a part of our family now.