Recent Success Stories

Recently Liberated: Campanita & Rocky

Campanita and Rocky were liberated on February 5th 2022. After months of planning and negotiating, they were part of the first exchange of a motorcycle for horses to kickstart the change process and stop the use of equines for transporting trash. As you can see, they both immediately took a liking to their new home and rolled around in the grass. No more concrete for these two. You can learn more about this project here.

Recently rescued and now ready for adoption: Silvestre

Silvestre was ran over by a vehicle and left to die. Severely injured, he managed to get himself into a ditch. He spent at least 2 days in complete agony with a fractured hip before we were alerted through Social Media channels (left video) and were able to locate him.

Silvestre immediately underwent emergency orthopedic surgery and had screws and a plate inserted. His outlook is positive (see right-hand video).

Silvestre is still in recovery but available for adoption very soon.

Recently adopted: Zuma

Zuma was reported to us outside the metro station Moctezuma, next to a highway with 6 lanes. Curled up, shaking of coldness and even rejecting the tortillas provided by the kind soul that reported her to us - we just couldn't leave her there in just 7º C and windy weather.

Thanks to Yael and Sergio for providing transport in the middle of the night and the community for helping us pay for her veterinary treatment, sterilization and vaccination.

Zuma has found a loving home and an equally energetic playmate in Robin - thanks to Family Najera :)

Recently Adopted: Miel

We encountered Miel ("Honey") on the street with massive head trauma to the degree were the swelling made here eyes literally pop out of her skull. We can only speculate as to the cause of this cruelty, most likely a car accident or violent abuse by a human with a blunt object. The prognosis was bleak but after 4 weeks in intensive care she made a full recovery and has even regained partial eyesight. After lengthy medical treatment and incurring significant medical expenses we were extremely happy to rehome Miel to a loving family.

Thank you to our family for contributing and shout out to Camila C for adopting Miel. Please be advised that the image carousel on the left shows graphic images after the click.

Recently Adopted: Gigi

Gigi was the lone survivor of a puppy litter of 6 that was born in a trash dump. The mother struggled with food constraints and several health issues, which in turn affects the milk and the puppies. When we rescued her she was barely conscious.

Fortunately with nutrition, deparasitation and lots of love she was able to pull through. Thanks to Paula for adopting Gigi, giving her a loving home & a substitute doggy mom to learn from!

Adopted: Lupe

We found Lupe at a remote mountain lake, without shelter and food. As soon as we arrived she immediately started trailing us, eventually came closer and stayed with us the entire duration of our visit. As we walked back she continued to follow us and literally jumped into our car, which is a strong indicator that she was abandoned. In the aftermath of her sterilization we discovered that she had contracted TVT (Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor), a skin-to-skin transmitted cancerous tumor. Fortunately this didn’t deter her new mommy and she made sure to get her the medical care she needed. Lupe is now cancer free!

Thanks to Eliana for adopting Lupe, giving her a loving home, and a sister to play with all day!