Current Focus Projects

  • Driving systemic change:

    • Exchanging motorcycles for the surrender working horses

  • Strengthening the animal rights movement in Mexico:

    • Shutting down the illegal animal trade area of the “Sonora Market”

  • Rescuing animals in crisis:

    • Opening of a Dedicated Dog Adoption Sanctuary for up to 100 dogs

Exchanging motorized vehicles for equines

Equines are still used in many parts of Mexico for transporting cargo. While not necessarily inhumane in every case, we believe that specifically their use for transporting trash is an outdated, inefficient and cruel practice that needs to stop. These animals work all day under heavy loads, and are often malnourished, mistreated and injured. They are whipped to the point of collapse/death, their injured or dead bodies are sold for the kilo price of meat, and then replaced with a new animal. Rinse and repeat.

One of the focus projects of Seres Libres has been the exchange of horses for motor vehicles. A motorcycle can easily replace two horses, if not more. Thanks to the benevolent and large donation of a sponsor, we were finally able to complete our first exchange on February 5th 2022. We replaced two horses with a motorcycle. We are hopeful this exchange will jumpstart the change process and have a ripple effect in the community of trash collectors. The horses we received are Rocky and Campanita, and we are extremely happy that they can retire peacefully in our sanctuary.

Shutting down the illegal animal trade section of the “Sonora Market”

The Sonora Market is a popular destination for locals and tourists, mostly for it’s magic and toys section.

There is also a hidden section where endangered and protected animal species (among others) are sold. Thousands of animals pass through this market each day in horrible conditions - many of them barely alive, living in dirt, mistreated, without access to food/water. It is a feasting ground of illness, a place were a pandemic-like virus can originate from (this has happened before), and an absolute disgrace to anyone who has ever even laid eyes on an animal.

Unfortunately it also serves as a sourcing ground for Santeria - a complex religion that entails slaughtering animals to provide sacrifices as offerings. It is a high priority item to close this section of the market and end the suffering of these poor animals.

Seres Libres has lobbied for the closure of the market for several years and is now working side by side with the PAOT (Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney's Office) on developing strategies to shutdown the market and creating employment alternatives for the people who sell animals illegally.

At this point, the information we can publish is limited to avoid potential legal conflicts, however, we will not stop until this section of the market is shutdown.

Dedicated Dog Adoption Sanctuary

Later in 2022 we are planning to sign the lease for a fenced terrain of 1000 sqm with basic installations in the Mexican state that can house up to 100 dogs simultaneously. We keep encountering street dogs, many injured, on a daily basis, some of them in living in life-threatening conditions or severely injured. We can sadly only take in a fraction of the cases as we do not have a dedicated area for canines. Many rescued canines are deeply traumatized from years of abuse or horrific injuries, so they typically initially don’t mix well with other animals. Per our intake protocol for dogs, we provide veterinary care, we neuter, deworm, and vaccinate them. Thereafter we circulate the dog for adoption through our social media networks.